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    St. John’s Wort P.E.

    【Name】St. John’s Wort P.E.
    【Botanical Name】Hypericum perforatum L.

        Any of various perennial Garcinia herbs, having erect stem, divarication and axillary branchs. The leaves are dense and opposite and they are oblong and linear. The length is about 1-2 cm and the width is about 3-9 mm. The tip of the leaves is blunt without indentations. The base of the leaves connected to the stem and there are gland spots on them. The flowers which have five lanceolate sepals grow on the tip of the stem or branch. The flowers are cyme and have black gland spots on the edge. A flower which is longer than sepal has five yellow petals. There are black gland spots on the petals and anthers. The anthesis is from June to July and the fruit period is in October. The plant is havested in fall and it wildly grows in hillside, woods or hassock. It is distributed in Jiangsu, Shangdong, Sichuan, Jiangxi, Shannxi and Guizhou, etc.
    【Used Part】Whole grass
    【CAS No. 】548-04-9
    【Active Ingredient】Hypericin
    【Specification】≥0.3% (UV)
    【Physical and Chemicalproperties】
        Appearance: black-brown fine powder

    【Function】Depression treatment, anti-bacteria, pre-menstrual period syndrome cure, seasonal depression treatment.
    【Usage】MedicineDietary supplement
    【Shelf Life】2 years when properly stored
        Stored in cool & dry place
        Kept away from strong light and heat


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